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In a ground breaking move Qingjian Realty, the developer for the Visionaire executive condo, has partnered with Samsung Asia to incorporate smart technology into its developments, as and when the products become available.

Samsung provides a Smart Home service whereby their home devices are connected. Homeowners can use this to control their home appliances remotely, such as air-conditioners, refrigerator, robot cleaner, and washing machine, through just a touch on their smartphones or gear devices, while still at the office or on the way home.

Smart Home + 10 Potential Devices (subject to final provision at developer’s discretion)

The Visionaire Executive Condo :: Smart Home Devices

The Visionaire Executive Condo :: Smart Home Devices

Qingjian plans to offer a number of these features in its upcoming Visionaire executive condo, that will launch in April 2016. As part of the deal, buyers for this Canberra EC will also be able to buy the Samsung appliances at preferential rates.

August 2020 Update: When Qingjian introduced Smart Homes in Visionaire in 2016, it was indeed a very forward-looking move. Fast forward to 2020, it is now pretty commonplace, and offered to a greater or lesser degree in practically all the new launches. From the Atelier condo to Wilshire Residences, Leedon Green, the Forett condo, Linq at Beauty World, Marina One Residences. And moving forward to 2022 and 2023, newer launches such as Piccadilly Grand, AMO Residence in Ang Mo Kio, Lentor Modern, Blossoms by the Park at one-North, and the Terra Hills condo, and so on.


Visionaire Executive Condo · Smart Proofing the Future

In expectation of ever advancing technology, Qingjian intends to “future-proof” its new developments by integrating into them now, the necessary infrastructure to ensure that they are smart device-ready. This will enable their home buyers to plug into a smart home immediately.

According to Li Jun, General Manager of Qingjian, their aim is to “…start anticipating and building today the smart Qingjian home that you will be receiving the keys to in three to five years. One that already has the latest technology and infrastructure to integrate with your smart lifestyle at that point in time.

Qingjian is believed to be the 1st developer in Singapore to incorporate these features into its projects on such a comprehensive scale. But it is not content with that; going forwards, it hopes to take the technology further, and to leverage on the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable even better integration of technology for their home buyers.

Qingjian is arguably the biggest developer of executive condominiums in Singapore, and has launched over 5,000 residential units covering both private and executive condos. So it stands in a good position to tap technology and push new frontiers for its launches in Singapore.

Read more about Samsung’s Smart Homes here (opens in new page).



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