The Visionaire Floor Plans | CoSpace . Space Made Smarter

Qingjian Realty will be offering its innovative CoSpace concept in the Visionaire floor plans as well. This unique concept lets homeowners make efficient use of their space, by allowing them to customise the space according to their needs, at different stages of their lives.

For example, you can convert the study and utility room into a full sized room or SOHO. Or you can tweak it into a study area for the kids, or a baby room, or storeroom with cabinets, or an entertainment or playroom, or even an extra bedroom.

Not many other projects offers this flexibility of layout. The closest a new launch comes to this is at the M, where homes can be quickly turned into home offices with movable furniture. Another type of flexibility is at Leedon Green, which allows creation of bigger units by merging smaller units. However only certain 12th floor units at Leedon Green offer this option, and the merged units still retain their individual title deeds, thus incurring the ABSD on the 2nd unit as well.


The Visionaire Floor Plans . CoSpace . 3 Key Components

The COSPACE concept hinges on 3 key inter-dependent components: CoSpace Efficiency, CoSpace Flexibility and CoSpace Interactivity.

The Visionaire Floor Plans CoSpace Concept

CoSpace Efficiency is to maximise the space to the fullest, making every inch count. Cospace Flexibility allows you to create spaces that suit your lifestyle at each stage of your life. CoSpace Interactivity enables you to enjoy spaces that interact freely with each other.

For instance, a newlywed couple could initially use the space as a home entertainment room, change it into an infant room, evolve it to become a playroom, then a study, and eventually an extra bedroom or walk-in wardrobe.


The Visionaire Floor Plans . CoSpace . Implementation

Qingjian rolled out the CoSpace concept at River Isles condo, refined it at its Ecopolitan EC, fine-tuned it at Bellewoods EC, and enhanced it at Bellewaters EC.

The idea has proven a hit with homebuyers. Over 40% of purchasers have chosen the optional layout and embraced the CoSpace concept. See report. (Opens in new window.)

A typical CoSpace Flexi unit comes with no floor tiles, wardrobes, or doors. This could mean a cheaper unit in the initial purchase stage, making it more affordable for cash strapped buyers. And later, as they accumulate more funds, they can then spend it customising the space to their own content.



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Latest Update: Visionaire EC is sold out. Thank you for your interest.



Whistler Grand Launch and VIP Preview coming soon end 2018 / early 2019 . New condominium at West Coast Vale . Within 1km to Nan Hua Primary School . To be launched by City Developments (CDL) Singapore